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Based on current population statistics, the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt will be particularly strongly affected by the consequences of demographic change compared with other states in Germany in the coming decades.  Therefore, it is important to find innovative technological solutions and acceptable social support systems that enable old people to live as long as possible in their homes. At the same time it is important that they can also participate in society and feel as a part of it.
Since 2016, scientists* from all over Saxony-Anhalt are researching in 19 joint projects of the research cluster “autonomy in old age”. The aim of the joint projects is to develop lifeworld-oriented strategies for dealing with the challenges of demographic change in the region. The research network is supported by the EFRE/ESF funding programs of the EU and the ministry of economics, research and digitalization of Saxony-Anhalt.

The first round of projects is near the ending and the second round is in preparation to start soon. Some of the first round projects will stay on and finalize their research during the second round while new projects will also come on board. Additionally, it is an exciting endeavor to prepare young scientists for future careers. Especially the causes and care taking of people with dementia is one focus point of the research cluster. Three main categories identify the projects’ nature: body and aging, technology and aging, and interaction and aging.

Please feel invited to search our homepage for more information about the different projects. 

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